танцовщица, перформер, художник, куратор и организатор Nomadic College и фестиваль Sensing In
русская версия - скоро!

Francesca Pedullà is a poly-curious artist-curator and Axis Syllabus teacher. She graduated in History of Theatre and Performing Arts. She holds a diploma as a professor of African Dance Expression - Centre Artistique 6-éme Parallel - FEIDA Bordeaux, directed by Koffi Koko. Since 1998 she has spent several months out of the year living in Benin, who's rich culture has been a profound artistic inspiration.Since 2005, she develops artistic works and cultural cooperation projects as choreographer and artistic director in both Europe and Benin. Her artistic pathway defines itself trough the perception and investigation of individual and collective identity dynamics resulting from cultural encounters.

She choreographs, performs and teaches throughout Europe, America and Benin.